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Another Mind Rockopolis
Another Mind Rockopolis
Another Mind Rockopolis

Another Mind

No sight, no hearing, no touch.

In another time, with no memories, too.

Only a voice in your mind can guide you through all this darkness.

Will you follow it?

Another Mind is a mobile game, available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Store since December 2016 in Demo and Complete versions.
Designed by Marco Spicciani and Davide Franceschi.
In Another Mind you have to make your choices with only a voice to guide you. You don't know what happened in your past, two hundreds years ago. You don't know how the world is now, what you should do with your life and why is there someone who seems to know you even after all this time?
Follow your path and discover the secrets that lie in the folds of your life, but beware: even if you manage to get to the end of this story, only finding all the hidden secrets will give you the real knowledge about yourself.

Make your choices and write your own story.

Release date: December 2016